We asked young people if they would recommend others do the programme:

“Others should get to do the programme because if you’re going through a tough time, there is always someone to talk to”

Who we are

Engage Trust UK is a registered charity birthed out of a heart to see lasting change in the lives of others. Engage Trust UK was set up to meet the needs of the toughest people in the toughest areas of Wolverhampton and the West Midlands. This requires a broad and creative approach, and one area of our focus is to support the social, emotional and mental well being of those we engage with.

What we do

We work alongside communities and schools in the West Midlands, offering a bespoke 12 session programme to help address the growing challenges around self-worth, self-esteem and mental health.

Why we do it

We believe all people can develop:

  • A new sense of identity and purpose for themselves and others

  • Increased mental and emotional intelligence

  • Improved self-esteem and a renewed sense of hope

  • To be resourced and equipped, enabling them to grow through challenges


  • EMPOWER AND RELEASE people to fulfil their potential

  • INSPIRE AND EQUIP those at risk of exclusion from school/society to make positive change to their circumstances and attitude

  • SUPPORT AND CREATE positive environments for people to grow

  • PROVIDE OPPORTUNITIES for people to explore the Christian faith and meaning

  • PROVIDE SERVICES that meet the needs of the community


To Engage with young people, their families and the local community to meet:

  • Practical needs through a variety of initiatives provided by us or through us

  • Spiritual needs through partnerships with churches and other organisations


We address the four key underlying factors leading to anti-social behaviour in young people

  1. Underachievement in education
  2. Low self esteem
  3. Lack of positive role models
  4. Nonconstructive use of time

Latest news

  • Wondering what you could do to help the children and young people of Ukraine? This small act could make a massive difference!! As a charity that is passionate about supporting and helping young people, this is close to our hearts and we are keen to do our part.

  • On one level, fear is healthy. ‘Fear’ is an emotion brought on by a perceived threat. It is a natural emotion. It is God-given…a basic survival mechanism. It keeps us alive and protects us from danger.

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“Outstanding Work”

Since Engage Trust’s ‘Worth It’ Programme has been working inside our school, they have built exceptional relationships based on care, respect and trust. Pupils on the programme have been excited every week to work with both Matt and Sarah. Our pupils have felt they can share some really personal stories with both and we have seen a clear improvement in their confidence. We are excited to continue working with Engage Trust and see the amazing difference they have been making with our pupils. Thank you!

Mr Gain – Head of year 10