Frequently Asked Questions

We set a price based on your needs. Get in touch and let us know what you are wanting/needing, and we can get a quote to you.

This is a 12-session programme run over 11 weeks (the first week is a double session).

The sessions are designed to be deliverable in 50 minutes minimum. It is designed to fit into one lesson of a school day

You can finish any activities from the session in your one-to-ones. Do try to start your sessions on time and keep an eye on the clock to give you the best chance of getting through as much as you can.

We have designed these to fit within 1 school lesson. So approx. 50 minutes. We want to ensure you give long enough for the student to feel comfortable/build relationship/go through activities and talk to them about what is on their mind.

We think that all young people would benefit from going through the ‘Worth It!’ Programme. It is designed to help and support those who are struggling with their mental health specifically, but it brings up topics, themes and strategies that are all builders of positive mental health for the long term so even if they do not appear to be massively struggling at this current time it will be beneficial for them and their lives.

Currently the ‘Worth It!’ Programme is our focus, but we have big dreams to do more to support and engage with young people and others working with young people in the future.

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