We asked young people if they would recommend others do the programme:

“Others should get to do the programme because not everyone has someone to talk to, the programme could help them”

Matthew Foster
Matthew FosterFounder, Director & Programme Delivery
Hi I’m Matt
I’ve worked with young people and their families all over the UK for the past 25 years. I’ve worked with youth services, local authorities and schools. Seeing young people gain a new sense of hope and purpose really excites and motivates me. I love to think big and dream big. I feel like I have been designed to create change and am willing to take some risks to make that happen. That is how Engage Trust UK was birthed.
I am an avid football fan, love watching it, playing it and talking about it!
Matt is married and has 2 children, he has a heart to serve and is involved in a number of different youth initiatives across the West Midlands.
Sarah Kruczek
Sarah KruczekProgramme Delivery & Development
Hi I’m Sarah.
I love people. I have worked/volunteered with children and young people in some capacity for most of my life. I am passionate about all people, but especially young people knowing their value and worth. I have been fortunate to grow up in a home full of love, affirmation, encouragement and enough. This is not the case for so many and I want to be available to care, to love, to speak kindness and to be a safe space to whoever may need it.
I enjoy being outside, exercising, hanging out with others, eating avocados and other delicious foods!
As well as working with Engage Trust UK Sarah is a foster carer, works remotely for a charity in NZ and also does some personal training on the side.

Natalie Start
Natalie StartProgramme Delivery & Admin Queen
Hi I’m Nat
I love young people. I love creating space for them to be young and to have fun and belong. I know what it is like to compare yourself to everyone and everything else and know the damage that does to self-esteem and self-worth. I want to be part of reaching a generation with the truth about their identity.
I like eating chocolate, hanging out with my friends and playing netball. Wedding planning is also currently taking up a lot of my free time 😉
Nat has worked with children and young people for most of her adult life and as well as working for Engage Trust UK Nat works as part of the Ethos Team supporting young people at Q3 in Tipton.