We asked young people if they would recommend others do the programme:

“Others should get to do the programme because it is helpful to let your feelings out”

Our Overall

To engage with young people and their families to:

Practical Needs


Through a variety of initiatives provided by us or through us.

Spiritual Needs

Through partnerships with Churches and other organisations.

EMPOWER & RELEASE – young people to fulfil their potential.

Very often young people feel defeated by their experiences, their environment, or by their own emotional/mental health. Through establishing positive relationships, young people journey through their challenges with us where they feel they are able to grow and achieve beyond their anxieties.

INSPIRE & EQUIP – those at risk from exclusion from school or society to make positive changes to their circumstances and attitude.

Young People often feel trapped and held prisoner by their circumstances and feelings. Through our established relationships, young people are strengthened and equipped to face their challenges with renewed hope and a new found sense of purpose.

SUPPORT & CREATE – positive environments for young people to grow.

The ‘Worth It!’ programme is delivered in a warm and relaxed atmosphere, where young people feel supported in small groups and one-to-one’s to make space for them to process their feelings and emotions and to explore positive solutions together.

PROVIDE OPPORTUNITIES – for people to explore the Christian faith.

We support young people who have or are facing a broad range of challenges that often lead people to think / question things about life, death, purpose, future etc. Faith plays an important role for many people going through similar situations concerning the same topics so we want to allow space for those who want to (or those challenged by it), to do it in a positive environment.