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Some Kind Words From Staff & Students


Since Engage Trust UK’s ‘Worth it!’ programme has been working inside our school, they have built exceptional relationships based on care, respect and trust. pupils on the programme have been excited every week to work with both matt and sarah. our pupils have felt they can share some really personal stories with both and we have seen a clear improvement in their confidence. we are excited to continue working with engage trust and see the amazing difference they have been making with our pupils. thank you!


Mr Gain – Head of year 10

“Outstanding Work”

It is not an underestimation to say that for some of our pupils the work they have done with Engage Trust UK has transformed their lives. pupils who may have been on the verge of exclusion are now thriving, have high aspirations and are looking forward to their futures with a newfound sense of optimism.

Mr Sutton – Deputy Principal

I will take away to speak more positive to myself and others. Also, to forgive others even though it may be hard .


I found this helpful because it made me feel better when I talked about things that I have kept in for ages.


I would recommend this because this has made me more confident in myself.


It is helpful to let your feelings out.



I learnt to forgive and let myself be free.


It shows you how to become a bigger person and to always move on.



I could talk about what’s going on at home without feeling judged.


I learned that other people may be in a different place than what I think they are in my head and are not thinking the same as what I do.



I think that you can talk to Matt and Sarah about anything, and they won’t judge you and actually will listen and help.


Engage Trust UK have worked with our school for two years now. Groups of targeted young people have really benefitted from the ‘Worth It’ programme, which consists of weekly group sessions and one-to-one’s throughout the term. Young people in this area have challenging life experiences and the  relationships established by Nat & Matt has really helped to give them the confidence to cope better, endure, persevere and overcome these challenges. The impact can be seen in the individuals around school. Some are clearly much more confident and visibly happier, others are far more engaged in their lessons than they were before and we have had positive feedback from parents too. I would recommend Engage Trust UK to other schools due to the sheer number of young people who would benefit from additional mental and emotional well-being support.

Cheryl Lawrie, Wordsley School