We asked young people if they would recommend others do the programme:

“If someone asked if they should do the programme, I’d say try it because it can really help”

Engage Trust UK have put eight core values at the heart of what we do. These values are Biblical, and they are all demonstrated through the life of Jesus Christ. We will do our best to ensure these values are visible through the way we carry out our work, and through the type of work that we deliver.


Giving people more than they deserve, irrespective of the cause of their need and without regard to national, cultural or religious boundaries.

Working with Young People who need extra support, believing that everyone deserves another chance, a listening ear, some more love and understanding. We give Young People the time and space to be heard, encouraged and challenged – which encourages positive emotional growth.


Not a guarantee that bad things will not happen but a conviction that God has gone into the future before us and will always be with us.

Not discounting negative experiences but helping Young People focus on their future rather than their past. Helping Young People believe that they can make different decisions today that will impact their tomorrow. Walking with them, cheering them on and offering practical and emotional support while they make changes, believing that they can do it and see change.


An attitude of trust in people.

It can be hard to trust others when a lot of your experience of people close to you has been rejection, disappointment or hurt.  Putting faith and trust in people is a powerful act, and the receiver feels the responsibility of that. Through this act and within the relationships we establish, young people learn that while they feel vulnerable to trust people, there is a strength to it, and it encourages them to think about how trustworthy they are too.


An unconditional love, available to all.

Love looks like something. It should impact choices, words, actions and behaviours for the better, for the benefit of those around us. We show love in how we treat others, and we want the young people we work with to experience what love feels like – safe, seen, heard, cared for – for no reason and for no expectation in return. Love is transforming, and we see success in young people because we treat everyone the same. They see that through our words, actions, programme content and one-to-ones.


A quality of being, rather than an emotion and is sustained even when happiness diminishes.

Joy isn’t manufactured but it can be shared. The young people we work with experience Joy for themselves and we model how Joy can positively impact on our thoughts, choices, behaviour and outlook. We aim to be consistent in who we are and how we present ourselves. Our feelings do not define our words or behaviours. We have something deeper that determines our outlook even when life is tough.


Laying aside position and preference for the sake of others.

Without serving others, we serve our own needs and wants and that can be selfish. We believe that serving others can keep us from a selfish attitude and encourages us to look to meet the needs of others. It is through serving others that we are truly content and satisfied. We believe that we live our best when we do things for those around us. We want to promote this value with our young people, believing that giving what little we have of ourselves will build our self-esteem and confidence and strengthen our community and friendships.


Wholeness, a state of wellbeing.

Peace is what we are all after. It is what we are all searching for. Peace settles the heart and mind and is the safest place to live out of. With the trauma young people are facing and experiencing in this generation, it is difficult to find Peace. Through the relationships we establish with them through group work and one-to-ones, young people share their anxieties and life circumstances with us. As we talk things through with young people, we pass on peace, which strengthens them to face and overcome their challenges. It also provides an inner strength to endure the tough seasons and  persevere through them.


Practical, down-to-earth actions which ensure that the weak, the poor and the socially disadvantaged are cared for.

The sense of Justice is something every young person is aware of but they don’t all experience positive justice. Through our work and by sharing practical down-to-earth actions such as listening, caring and kindness; the poor, weak and socially disadvantaged experience positive justice and we can act as an advocate for them. We help young people see past stereotypes, build bridges and break down barriers by giving our very best to them and promoting acceptance of all.