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Engage Trust UK

Engage Trust UK aims to see lasting change in the lives of young people and was set up to offer a solution to the mental health crisis in young people.

Engage Trust UK works along side communities and schools in the West Midlands, offering the ‘Worth it!’ programme, a bespoke 12-session, small group programme, addressing the growing challenges around self-worth, self-esteem, and mental health.


What students say

Matt and Sarah are very nice and honest people who put a lot of effort into the programme to make it a safe space and a peaceful environment


It is helpful for mental growth and is an opportunity for someone to listen to you


My biggest takeaway will be the speaking positively to myself


The biggest thing I have taken away is how to handle conflict and stressful situations


Sarah is a great listener and gives amazing advice


Helped me communicate and be more understanding


It has helped and made a significant impact on my home life


Latest news

  • Wondering what you could do to help the children and young people of Ukraine? This small act could make a massive difference!! As a charity that is passionate about supporting and helping young people, this is close to our hearts and we are keen to do our part.

  • On one level, fear is healthy. ‘Fear’ is an emotion brought on by a perceived threat. It is a natural emotion. It is God-given…a basic survival mechanism. It keeps us alive and protects us from danger.

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Since Engage Trust’s ‘Worth It’ Programme has been working inside our school, they have built exceptional relationships based on care, respect and trust. Pupils on the programme have been excited every week to work with both Matt and Sarah. Our pupils have felt they can share some really personal stories with both and we have seen a clear improvement in their confidence. We are excited to continue working with Engage Trust and see the amazing difference they have been making with our pupils. Thank you!

Mr Gain – Head of year 10